Au Revoir: Fuji X-T1

© Dave Whenham
I am sat here following the journey of my Fuji X-T1 on the Royal Mail tracker as it heads its way down to deepest, darkest Sussex and the start of its new life. I’m not sad though as it will be working its way back to me next week hopefully following a successful conversion for “full spectrum” photography which of course will include infrared.
My previous IR camera, a Nikon D80, gave up the ghost last week with a terminal, mechanical malfunction which is beyond economic repair. I’m debating whether to put it out for recycling or plant it with a nice looking succulent.
So, it IS au revoir and NOT goodbye X-T1 and whilst I await your return here’s a reminder of the times we’ve already had together.

3 thoughts on “Au Revoir: Fuji X-T1”

  1. I often think that when something is broken beyond repair, economical or otherwise there is potential for a photo project!
    So my suggestion for the D80 is turn it into a winter photo project. Take it apart and see if you are inspired. I had an answerphone give up on me and before recycling it I took it apart and turned it into a set of images that were fun to take when the weather prevented outdoor activity. The gallery of images of the answerphone are here:
    I’m sure your Nikon would present many interesting photographic opportunities and also take you into the secret hidden depths of a digital camera…. 🙂

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