Film Friday #6

Another digital scan of a darkroom print. This one is a 10″x8″ print on Fotospeed RCVC Oyster paper.

Taken with a Canon EOS 600 with a cheap and cheerful 28-105mm lens and the film was out of date Kodak 400TX, commercially developed, which had been in the camera since 2016 before I finished the roll recently. The print was a straight print with no dodging or burning.

Film Friday – sneak peek

Toy camera time!

Next week (Week 4 of FF) sees the first upload of recent film work. As a sneak peek this image was shot on 6th September using one of the toy cameras in my collection.

Taken with a Holga Panoramic 120 film camera loaded with out of date (6/10) Ilford HP5. Taken on 6th September for my 365 but not uploaded to my Flickr account until the 19th as I needed to get the film developed and then needed to scan the negative.

Film Friday #3

Amanda (1981/2)

Scan of a print I made in the darkroom. This would’ve been taken around 1981/82. Definitely 35mm, probably a Canon AE1 or possibly th Praktica EE2. What isn’t in doubt is that this was shot on Ilford HP5 B&W negative film.

I had hoped to be able to share a recent film image but it seems that sending films off takes a lot longer than I’d anticipated. To remedy that I’ve just ordered the requisite chemicals and am cleaning off the developing kit ready to start processing my own again.