The Old Blind School

Being awake to the photographic possibilities of our surroundings is in my view more important than having the latest all-singing-all-dancing wunder-camera. This small series of images are a case in point and came about one Saturday afternoon as I was visiting some of the galleries in Liverpool with the student group of which I am a member.

This small series provided me with the opportunity to ruminate on chance in photography as part of my research project and I concluded that chance plays a useful role in photography for all sorts of reasons.

One thing I did not consider though was the chance of accidentally and unknowingly changing a camera setting and getting home to find all your lovingly crafted interiors have been shot at ISO 12,800.

My initial reaction was disappointment (emotion), my second reaction was to wonder how it could have happened and what I might need to do to prevent a recurrence (pragmatic and problem-solving) but my third was to wonder whether or not I could make something of the golf-ball sized digital noise or grain as I prefer to think of it (artistic opportunism).

So here is a small project that was conceived, executed, processed and finalised in the space of a day.  I hope you find these images as haunting and atmospheric as I do.

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