I have been involved with photography in some shape or form since the 1970s and my interests are wide and varied. From fine art black and white landscapes to capturing natural and informal portraits of children I have a wide range of skills to draw upon.


An award winning portrait photographer and a published landscape photographer I work exclusively on personal projects these days.

Please get in touch if  you would like to purchase any of the work  (excluding commissioned portraits) that you see on this site for use in any way, I retain copyright of all my work and reserve all rights relating to them.

The Royal Photographic Society recognised my photography when they awarded me a Licentiate in March 2015. I am also a past-member of The Guild of Photographers and they too have recognised the professional quality of my work through their monthly award programmes.

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Dave,

    I’ve been enjoying your blog.
    I enjoyed watching today’s ‘Something Different’ and how you are happy to show us a work in progress. My quick question is about the comments box being absent from daily blog posts. Is it an intentional thing? I ask because there have been a couple of occasions when I have thought about dropping you a few lines in relation to whatever post has grabbed my attention. If you have comments switched off intentionally then I have no problem (and of course how you set up your blog is none of my business) but thought I’d ask in case it has been an oversight. Keep up the good work, best wishes, Mr C 🙂

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    1. Hi Mr C and thanks so much for your note. I hadn’t realised comments were turned off to be honest! I think I have sorted that now though thanks to your prompt.

      I have to be honest I hesitated about letting something so “unfinished” out into the wild but I do not profess to being a videographer, just a stills photographer intrigued by a medium that is now much more accessible than ever before. I’m working on the June edition, time will tell if this becomes a regular feature – I’ve tried and failed so many times before!


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