365 – 2018

Three months have flown and we are now at the quarter-marker for the 2018 365 Challenge. I took image 91 this morning and came home to realise it was the 1st April and three months had passed already this year.

© Dave Whenham

As some of my readers will know the final few years of my very varied career were spent managing a small team producing management information and it left me with a habit of playing with any data set however mundane. That has largely disappeared now along with most of my number-crunching skills but I still retain a small element of knowledge and an interest in categorising and looking at trends. So, here is a small table categorising the first 90 images of the Challenge.

Subject/Genre Number %
Urban morning 37 41%
Floral 10 11%
Landscape 7 8%
Natural history 6 7%
Urban afternoon 5 6%
Still life 5 6%
Portrait 4 4%
Abstract 4 4%
Urban night 3 3%
Urban 3 3%
Indoor 2 2%
Water Drop 2 2%
Interior 1 1%
Panel (of four) 1 1%

Had you asked me back in December I would have predicted urban and landscape as my main subjects with the emphasis on landscape images.  As it is 53% of my Challenge images fall into the urban category with just 8% in landscape. The reasons for this, largely my health, I’ve mentioned in previous posts and I expect to see the proportion of landscape images increase as the year progresses.

© Dave Whenham

The big surprise in this month has been floral. From nowhere it has leapfrogged into the number two spot. Many of these have also been processed heavily including overlaid textures and much layering and masking. The focus of my relentless desire to learn new skills has been the use of textures this month and coupled with a recurrence of the chest infection I have spent more time indoors than I would have liked.

© Dave Wenham

The majority of images have been taken with either the Nikon D800E (40%), the Fuji X-T20 (31%) or the ever-present Fuji X100t (17%). The drone still accounts for just one image in the 365 and the Fuji X-T1 has been used for just five so far. I expect both of those to increase throughout the second and third quarters, improved weather and increased mobility should enable me to get the drone out more often and of course the Fuji X-T1 is currently in Sussex for its impending operation.

© Dave Whenham

So, there you have it, a few statistics, nothing strenuous, but of some interest to my inner geek and hopefully to one of you!

All of the images are of course on Flickr – https://www.flickr.com/photos/fatherpie/

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