In The Studio

This ongoing project grew from a chance encounter outside Olivia’s studio one weekend in July 2013. We got chatting initially about Olivia’s work but ended up discussing the way that degree courses these days seem to try to force people into a post modernist way of thinking. Pretty heavy conversation for two strangers!

The idea for the project came a couple of weeks later, so after some detective work I found an e-mail address and contacted Olivia. Would she be willing for me to come along and take a few pictures? To my surprise and delight she agreed and that first tentative session in the Autumn of 2013 has led to many visits, many photographs and a lasting friendship.

The photographs in the slideshow below took almost exactly a year to bring together. Whilst many were taken at a first, very long session we continued to meet frequently, sometimes to chat but it was usual for me to make a few photographs on each visit. Some, such as the double page studio panorama were preconceived and I made visits specifically to make just one or two photographs.

At the moment I am working on a book which I would hope to be able to make available via my website in due course. ****** STOP PRESS – NOW AVAILABLE ******

I would therefore like to extend my grateful thanks to Olivia, husband Drew, young Ethel and not forgetting Edith for their kindness, generosity of spirit and of course their friendship.

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