Holga Week 2021 – days 3 & 4

Day Three was a Sunday and despite the weather it arrived as it was bound to. By 7am I had poured the day’s first mug of strong black tea and reassessed the roll from Day 2 which I digitised yesterday evening. Definitely not as bad as I’d originally thought and in fact there are two keepers, one of which, now that I’ve processed it, I am very pleased with. Not something that happens that often! So, that’s definitely a good start to the day.

The Holga WPC hasn’t yet seen any #HolgaWeek2021 action – but is sat patiently in my bag

Last night I got my last brick of Ilford HP5+ out of the fridge. The light and the weather are definitely favouring higher ISOs and I know how much I can abuse (push or pull) HP5+ if required. I used my last roll of Fomapan 400 yesterday and had planned on using some Rollei 200 but seeing yesterday’s negatives I suspect that I will definitely need at least 400 for Holga Week. But the Rollei stays in my bag just in case.

Today my attendance was required at an under-six rugby match, in the role of doting grandparent. Sadly, old men with cameras aren’t the done thing around lots of youngsters these days and so I got there early and made my images before the kids arrived. As I wound the film on after frame 12 I realised the flaw in my plan; I then had a full hour to wait until people arrived and the match could get underway! Again it was cold, windy and wet and so I was frozen by the time the youngsters and their parents arrived. So, it was lucky that the rugby club was well organised and I could get a coffee and a bacon butty … and later a spam butty.

We may be two days in, and I may only have exposed two rolls but I’m enjoying Holga Week so far!

Holga WPC – July 2021

Day Four. It seems to me that Holga Week is destined to be chock full of domestic chores. Turns out that the annual central heating service is scheduled for today. Estimated time is between 7am and 6pm. An eleven hour window! At least yesterday’s roll, which I developed last night, is looking promising.

I say promising, I have to be honest, a largely successful roll, one frame skipped because I missed the number. Thinking back I could’ve stopped, done a “click” exposure and continued. 20/20 hindsight is fabulous. Again, there are two images that I think standout from the others. By my reckoning I now have two contenders for my three HolgaWeek entries, one from each of these first two rolls. It would be nice to reach the end of the week with a small shortlist of say seven or eight!

8:02am, I am busy getting the grandsons ready for school when the mobile rings. We are first on the list and the engineer will be with us in ten minutes! It looks like Day 4 will see some Holga-action after all.

Except … “as we’ve got the day free after all … can you run me into town please for some shopping …”. I look up from loading the Holgas but the look on Senior Management’s face brooks no argument. When I eventually get back there’s a message awaiting me … son-in-law unwell can Grandad pick the boys up from school, feed them and look after them until Daughter gets in at 6pm. By which time it will be dark.

Here endeth Day Four. At 1.07pm. 🤔

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