My Holga Week 2021 Diary – day 5

Day Five is/was a Tuesday. That’s Louie-Day in my week, the day when we look after the 22 months old grandson. It’s a day I never expect to make photographs, apart from phone snaps, as what with getting two live-in grandsons to school and looking after Louie my day is pretty full-on. But after yesterday’s dismal failure to expose any film for Holga Week I hatched a cunning plan.

I left for the walk to the school at my usual time but instead of rushing back I dawdled via the back streets with the Holga which had somehow managed to find its way into my coat pocket. On my return, Louie was stood at the back door with his Grandma waiting for Grandad to sort his breakfast. I thought he may have been totally oblivious to the fact I was ten minutes late getting back but clearly his stomach had noted my absence! Nevertheless, I had managed to expose my third roll for Holga Week and even if there were no keepers I’d at least used the Holga which is part of the aims of the event.

Which got me thinking. Which was most important to me – using the camera or having a roll full of keepers? I think it’s the former; the actual act of using the camera gives me a lot of pleasure. Keepers are a bonus almost, the icing on the cake as it were. Peer appreciation is perhaps the cherry on top – but perhaps I’m spreading the analogy rather thinly now. I may only have spent ten minutes making my pictures but then the Holga encourages that sort of approach for me – don’t think too much, let your shutter finger be guided by the camera almost.

10:47am, thankfully Louie still has a mid-morning nap which means I get time to do household chores, and today to sneak in the developing of my sneaky roll of HP5+. So, whilst completing the laundry and tidying up generally I also developed the film which, with 12 nice-looking negatives is currently hanging to dry in the bathroom. No click-panoramas today. Just eleven “straight” exposures and one (deliberate) double exposure. The negatives looks good and I’ve a positive feeling about roll number three.

Day six falls on a designated Christmas shopping day (don’t ask) so I will be chauffeur as always whilst the wife starts the annual retail binge. Fortunately she know I dislike shopping immensely so I will at least get to wander Huddersfield town centre with the Holga. Well, that’s the plan at least. Check back tomorrow to see how the day unfolded!

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