63-2017 Week 5

Over half way!

63-2017-32Golden Selfie. I think this is both the first selfie I’ve used in the challenge and also the first time I’ve thought to use the selfie option.

© Dave Whenham

These leaves are alongside the busy Elland-Riorges link road that leads in and out of Elland.  We have had a rather hectic round of hospitals, doctors and ill health this week. Daughter with meningitis requiring a few days in hospital, wife with viral labyrinthitis and a chest infection for me together with my routine blood tests which have coincided to leave little “quality” time for photography. I thought I’d fail this week but touch wood I’ve kept at it and still managed to make a picture a day without resorting to photographing my evening cocoa!

63-2017-33.  I couldn’t resist calling this Potty! It was only after I’d published the image to the Flickr album that I noticed the out of focus telegraph wires but I was committed by then so left it as it is. I was attracted by the warm light  on the chimney pots and brickwork as well as the shadows caused by other chimney pots on the terrace.

© Dave Whenham

63-2017-34. Saturday was spent mainly in the car, a round trip of over 400 miles to deliver Christmas presents to relatives in the South. I had a camera in the boot of the car but was seriously concerned about the opportunities, especially as I felt pretty crappy and was definitely not up to wandering about looking for an opportunity. I needn’t have worried though, 45 miles from home and the M6 ground to a halt. Time to stretch my legs in the outside lane without fear of being mown down and an opportunity to try and capture how it all felt in a single frame.

© Dave Whenham
63-2017-34 Road to Nowhere

63-2017-35 If the forecasters are to be believed colder and wetter weather is on its way. I saw this leaf lingering on the doorstep and thought it would be a good test of the close-shooting capabilities of the X100t. Autumn Lingers but for how long?

© Dave Whenham

63-2017-36 Aside from trips to doctors and hospitals and that rather lengthy day trip down South our opportunities for getting out and about, with or without a camera, have been very limited this week. I saw this silver shape streaking across the bright blue sky and really wished that we were up, up and away to somewhere warmer and sunnier. Not something I’m prone to wish for so as it was an unusual event it needed commemorating in the 63-2017 project.

© Dave Whenham

63-2017-37 and so we come to today’s image which sees me pushing the ISO to 6400.  I’m always looking to push the little X100t to see what I can get from it.  The camera was steadied against a fence post for the 1/4 sec exposure. I have not applied any noise reduction to this upload but it could probably do with some being applied. An acceptable result although a better choice would have been to put camera on tripod and lower the ISO.

© Dave Whenham

Only six in this update because I snuck a couple of extra ones in last weeks review.  It has been a challenging week and is making me think about how I can perhaps plan for future occasions when ill health will confine me to the house or otherwise curtail my opportunities.  I am hopeful that my daughter will have moved all her belongings out of the spare room by Christmas which will give me the space to set my water drop kit up again but I cannot expect to keep it set up all year and I certainly don’t want to fall back on the same thing every time I struggle to get out properly with the camera.

Thinking Cap is on!

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