Evading the guards

Well, as you’ve seen I slipped out today whilst no-one was watching and headed up to the moors for the first time in well over two months. To be fair, this morning was the first time I’ve felt up to it. It started to snow whilst I was out and indeed the snow was already six inches deep up on the moors themselves.

© Dave Whenham
Not bad for less than thirty minutes outside the car.

I’ve posted several images on my blog already and have a couple more scheduled for tomorrow too. A few on Facebook and Flickr have gone down well too. Most importantly I’ve printed one this afternoon for a future PPC or UPP folio.


The image I’ve printed was fully formed in my head before I’d even pulled the car off the road at Ringstone Reservoir although surprisingly it was only the second image I made, the first I will post at the end of the blog. Usually I shoot at the reservoir on the return journey as it is easier for parking etcetera but it is so rarely that I see the water so flat that I pulled over immediately. No filters, just the camera and the tripod and a smug feeling after I pressed the shutter release.

I would have been happy just getting up on to the moors but to end up with over twenty processed images was way beyond any expectations I may have had. I was sensible (and I’m not just saying that in case Senior Management reads this) and had wrapped up well. I also ensured I was only out of the car for around ten minutes each time; I stopped at the reservoir on the way out, then on Buckstones Edge before stopping at a slightly different spot alongside  the reservoir again on the return journey. The sheer joy of being outside. The snow was six inches deep up on the moors and the car park was a skating rink underneath a new dusting of fresh snow. But I stayed upright.

My first landscape image in almost three months.


Promoting the Club (Pictures to Exe)

I am a member of the PPC (Postal Photographic Club) an online and postal photographic club – the photography club that comes to you! I was recently tasked with producing a couple of promotional videos for the club; one showcasing the online side and another promoting the print/postal side of the club.

I produced the final videos in Pictures to Exe although the component parts have been through Lightroom, Photoshop and Final Cut Pro on their way into PTE. I was impressed at how well my iMac coped with running Mac OS and Windows 7 simultaneously, swapping between the two and transferring files between the various programmes seamlessly.

For posterity here are the two finished items.