June – Video Diary

A fourth video diary – who’d of thought it? So, what did I get up to in June?

Well, photographically the first half of June was a wash out, sometimes literally. A two-week half term which added to my usual grand children duties severely limited free time and the time that was available was blighted by grey skies, wall to wall grey cloud and heavy rain. I did get a few opportunities which I grasped but the photographic highlight of the month was always likely to be a few days in Cornwall at the end of the month.

One big win at the beginning of the month though was the May Video Diary which was great fun to put together and hopefully maintained the ongoing development in this area. The sheer volume of helpful material on the net is amazing, there’s some dross too but for me the biggest challenge is finding what I need when quite often I’m ignorant of the correct terminology or even that I need something – both of which would make searching more fruitful. I am a very experienced photographer but very much a newbie videographer and video editor.

I’m not sure that this update marks a step forward in production values, at best it is marking time I feel, but it’s probably still worth sharing (and braving any negative comments) as it is only by trying things and then reflecting on them that we learn and improve. What is immediately apparent is that I shot nowhere near enough video footage for the diary. I have ended up using more of the iPhone footage from the garden centre and the YSP for example than was warranted. The more interesting footage, shot with the Fuji X-T20 in Newquay was far too little for the diary and I did not shoot video at most of the places we went to over our weekend in Cornwall. A missed opportunity and I put this out therefore as a cautionary tale for others.

Maintenance underway …

Nothing too interesting but I’ve finally got fed up with juggling several YouTube/Google accounts so have deleted those I could remember and set up a new YouTube account.

Multiple accounts was a real “pane”

There are a dozen or so videos that need to be loaded to the new YouTube channel and of course I need to change the links in each of the relevant blog post so I’ve got a bit of work to do but hopefully it will be worth it to have a fresh  start and to get away from inadvertently uploading to the wrong account which I’ve done a few times recently.

So to both of my readers – please bear with me whilst this particular piece of maintenance goes ahead.