Through the square window

Looking through my images from the first half of 2017 I realised that I produce a lot of square compositions across a wide range of genres. So what better way to practice using some of the techniques I’ve learnt this week than by producing a four minute slideshow with which to showcase them.

Square (Pictures to Exe) from Dave Whenham on Vimeo.

For those with Windows wanting the full PTE experience the file can be downloaded from my media fire account.

A Day Out: Hartlepool (AV)

Audio visual slideshow from a day out in Hartlepool in August 2016 created using Pictures to Exe on an iMac running Parallels.

Back in August 2016 we spent a couple of days in Hartlepool, meeting up with family. My original intention was to combine video and stills and create a short video to record our day out. I was in one of my regular phases of wanting to try my hand at video making and was full of enthusiasm for the two days I was shooting video and stills. Back home though I didn’t follow through so the files languished on my hard drive until this morning.

Recce postscript

© Dave Whenham

In a previous post I discussed a recce shoot at Ringstone Edge reservoir.  Earlier this week when driving back from Buckstones Edge (post to follow, hopefully next week) I noticed a band of cloud ahead and realised it would form the backdrop for a shot to be taken just beyond Ringstone where I’d previously parked. It wasn’t a “miss-it-and-you’ll-always-regret-it” type of shot but would be a useful marker in the sand as it were. It was also quite pleasant to see something in the sky behind the reservoir instead of wall-to-wall grey as I’d had on the recce.



Aerial Abstracts – a few images

First attempt at some aerial abstracts yesterday. I’m still assimilating what I learnt but one point immediately jumped out at me. I am used to looking at a scene and pre visualising in my head the likely compositions. It is not such an easy task with aerial photos as your perspective is so different. The main image here only revealed itself as the drone reached a hundred feet and watching the composition change as it rose gently up was fascinating.