Seeing the Ful picture

No, not a typo!

The #believeinfilm community on Twitter is a constant source of support, encouragement and inspiration. Recently a few folk within the community have been exploring the joys of the Enigma Ful-Vue (see … not a typo!). Neil T (@funkyuk) very kindly sent me a recent acquisition of his as a gift and within a few hours of it arriving I knew I would have to try and put a film through it … asap!

The camera has a fixed shutter speed of around 1/100th sec assuming it’s working of course and a fixed aperture of f11 or thereabouts. A light reading showed that a slower film was needed, ideally ISO 50. I was straight down into my cellar and in my box of oddments found an expired roll of Ilford PanF+ in the requisite 120 format. Bingo! Combine the film with Rodinal (1+50) and I would be giving myself the best chance of success.

Assuming the camera worked!

I checked through the little red window on the back to ensure no film already loaded; there wasn’t, or if there was it was fully wound on. Using the knob on the side I unlocked the film transport system and looked to slide it out of the camera body. It wouldn’t budge, like a recalcitrant biscuit tin lid it was having none of it. Ten minutes of gentle coaxing saw very little movement but eventually it did slide out. Begrudgingly.

Loading was straightforward after that and I was soon in the back yard for the big test. Of course, having made my 12 snaps I had to immediately develop the film and with the time fast approaching for me to start preparing the family’s evening meal I was hard pressed to finish in time. But finish on time I did and as I started peeling and dicing onions I had the satisfaction of having seen a roll of 12 good looking negatives hanging to dry.

So, the next job is to give the Ful-Vue a good clean and then take it for another spin!

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