This mini-project sort of crept up on me. I generally try to eliminate cars from images unless they are the subject. Sometimes though I unavoidably end up with a bit of the vehicle poking in from the edge of the frame. Initially I found this frustrating but over time I started to actively look for compositions.

Two for the price of one
The cat’s peeking too!
and finally … not so much peeking but hiding!

10 thoughts on “Peeking”

  1. What a great mini project and a very nice set of images. There are some good compositions. I like how the idea of the project almost forces you to shift what might be normal framing, throwing up all sorts of interesting and random elements (I spotted the cat before I saw your note!😀)
    It looks like you had fun making these images and I like that the last shot adds a final twist to the project!
    Interestingly, for its simplicity, my immediate favourite was the seventh image. However I really enjoy all of them for different reasons. ‘Two for one’ is great and I like that the wheelie bin takes centre stage! 😀
    The other image worth an honours mention is the second from last. Very nice. The emptiness of the shot filled with dappled sunlight and shadows.
    I hope you will make this an occasional series.
    Cheers 🍻

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    1. Thank you Mr C. I always enjoy hearing your thoughts and comparing them to mine. The 7th and 8th were taken minutes apart, each at opposite ends of the same street. I will collect a few more I’m sure

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  2. Nice 🙂
    I loved seeing those photos. I’d totally buy a zine on the subject.

    I often prefer to only have part of a car visible in a composition rather than the whole. It’s probably because I’m looking at the shape more than the object itself. I find it difficult to frame a car in a way that works for me. They get in the way of other things. But when I shift my gaze to the geometry of cars, I often find them interesting to play with compositionally. Some of your photos here illustrate that for me.

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    1. Thanks Allysse. Cars are a bit of a mystery to me. I’ve never understood the obsession with cars that some of my friends have. I think y,ours right, photographing bits of cars is in many ways more interesting … for me at least! Hope you are well my friend.


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