A Cumbrian interlude

We are taking a short break next week, over to the east coast of the Scottish Borders. Normally when we take a short break in a caravan we come straight home at the end of the trip, with the car full of self-catering paraphernalia, including the indispensable coffee machine. This time is going to be different however as we are detouring to the Cumbrian coast over on the western side of England on the edge of the Lake District before heading south to Yorkshire.

The Jaws of Borrowdale from Friars Crag – where else?

Cumbria and particularly the Lake District was a real favourite holiday destination of ours especially when the girls were younger. Pre-pandemic we enjoyed quieter visits with just the two of u. However the hordes of people begrudgingly taking a “staycation” over the last 18 months have made booking a Lakeland break both problematic, as demand outstrips supply, and also more expensive. But I digress, thoughts of a trip to Whitehaven and hopefully Bassenthwaite too before wandering south through the Lakes on our way home have me thinking back to past Lakeland adventures and searching the archives.

Derwent Water (March 2019): With all the jetties underwater and only accessible by wading out the photographer who chose wellington boots was able to access them for long exposures with no tourists milling around.
The most recent image in my archive – March 2019.
The last of the day’s sun light illuminating the Newlands Valley and glancing off Robinson

I’ve not been to the Lakes for several years and the last time I took a film camera was more than fifteen years so I’m looking forward to some Lakeland pinholes and panoramas. I might even blog “live” from vacation!

2 thoughts on “A Cumbrian interlude”

  1. Love the Lake District. Haven’t been for a long time. Camped, Youth Hostel’ed and even stayed at Armathwaite Hall once! Have a great trip and looking forward to your images 🤗

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