Embracing the Bulb

I wrote recently about my unintended foray into the world of using a Holga handheld in bulb mode. I was initially annoyed with myself but I digitised the negatives regardless and copied the files to my iPad and a few evenings later settled down to have a play using the Snapseed app.

Now, none of them are likely to make my 2021 Top Ten Images, and many are just bleugh, but some I quite like! So in the spirit of sharing and perhaps also a spot of public flagellation, here’s a selection!

So, what do you think? I’d love to hear your honest (but polite) thoughts on these images – drop me a note below.

2 thoughts on “Embracing the Bulb”

  1. I do love ICM images and have been playing around on and off for a while with my digital cameras but never quite brave enough to spend on film, my holga has been getting quite a bit of use lately and I am so drawn to the Bulb setting, we will see. I like your shots, a staggering pub image is nice, I like the judder of the street shot too but I think the painterly shot of the fields is nicest. Good work

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    1. Cheers John. ICM is one of those “marmite” things I guess. Whenever I deliberately use ICM the movement tends to be more pronounced than these. Like you though I do think there is a certain charm to some of these. Thank you for taking the trouble to comment. Regards Dave

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