Have phone will photograph

Out for an early evening meal with the better half we left the pub to find the rain had gone and the blanket of grey above was starting to break up. I’d promised an evening without a camera … but still took my iPhone. Back at the hotel I looked at the pictures on the phone and thought that I might as well have some fun with the processing too – don’t judge me! So, for a bit of fun here’s some phone pics direct to you from my hotel room.

5 thoughts on “Have phone will photograph”

  1. Really nice images Dave, fantastic consistency and just goes to show ! I am away on family hols next week with just an iPhone officially as taking a camera has been banned……. but I have a Zenit 11 loaded with HP5+ just in case the iPhone were to break down ……

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  2. Zenit? That’s a bulky choice 🤔 I’ve brought a Nikon L35 AF and a few rolls of Tri-X for this trip (2 days, 1 night). I wanted to use film otherwise I’d have brought the Fuji X100T which is even smaller.

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