Film is the drug

“Love is the drug …” sang Roxy Music in 1975. Probably whilst I was loading some Tri-X in my Zenith E. But Mr Ferry was wrong. Love isn’t the drug – film is. Let me explain.

Birch trees on limestone outcrop
Hasselblad 500C/M, Ilford FP4+, Fotospeed RCVC Oyster
(scan of darkroom print)

I was out and about early yesterday. A list of jobs to do which included taking garden waste to the tip and visiting the Post Office amongst others. Whilst I was out I made an image for my picture-a-day project (1,385 consecutive days and counting) and uploaded that to Flickr whilst sat in the car. Chores completed I returned home for breakfast and a strong black tea.

I’ve been child minding all week and this is my first day off so I have a long list of personal tasks to address. Producing the first draft of the club’s quarterly magazine was high on the list. Reworking my nascent zine, A Sense of Place, is well overdue too. There’s a roll of 35mm film to scan and sleeve, a box of items I’ve decided to sell on a certain auction site, I’ve an idea for a new video; the list is seemingly endless and my list doesn’t include the “little” jobs the wife has lined up for me.

So, which did I do first?

Well, none of them.

No. Breakfast eaten and tea drunk I got up from my armchair, took the Nikkormat FT2 from my shoulder bag, loaded a roll of Orwo UN54 and headed out of the door. What the??

An hour later, having taken 35 photographs (I didn’t load the film as well as usual – don’t judge me) I returned home and immediately got on with tidying the kitchen and loading the dishwasher. Ten minutes later I had a clear kitchen and could get the changing bag etcetera out and set about developing the film. Ulterior motive there clearly.

This isn’t an isolated occurrence however. I’ve done this almost every day for weeks. Even when childminding on my own I still manage a roll of film a day just recently. Almost every day. Today is day 226 of the year and I have exposed 155 rolls of film, dozens of sheets of 5×4 film and getting on for 20 dry glass plates. In January it was one or two rolls a week.

Do I have a problem?

Answers below please 😊

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