One frame on: FERRANIA P30

I shared my thoughts on this film as part of my semi-stand series. Unlike some online resources I’m not claiming that the single roll I’ve exposed makes me an expert on the film by the way. These were very much first impressions based on using semi-stand development. I have one other roll in the fridge which I will use at some point and I will probably develop that with another process to compare and contrast. First impressions are that this is a very contrasty film but with the right subject it will probably deliver some very nice results. Definitely not an everyday film.

Ferrania P30 – semi-stand in Rodinal (1+100)

2 thoughts on “One frame on: FERRANIA P30”

  1. Thanks for this Dave, I’m not sure how I feel about stand or semi stand development. I’ve never really been satisfied as I still get development issues in skies etc , so mostly I avoid it. It often comes up as a magic bullet but in all honestly I don’t think it’s a substitute for working long and hard with one or two trusted developers and honing your skills. Others will disagree.

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    1. It’s not something I do usually either Andrew but given my lack of D76 I thought I’d do an experiment. D76 has been my go-to for a while but I’m about to take a break (it’s difficult to get hold of) and make my own FX55. No doubt I’ll share the experience too


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