Film Friday #2

Surprise View: Pentax 645 Neopan 400

Fujifilm Neopan 400 black and white film was discontinued around 2013 I believe. It was never a film I played with much back in the day, being more of a Tri-X or HP5 kinda guy, but I clearly bought a few rolls of 120 film around 2010 because I’ve just unearthed the negatives!

Surprise View: Pentax 645 Neopan 400

Now I’m told that Neopan 400 was never the greatest film in the world and I shall take other peoples word for it but I must have bought a few rolls as I’ve found negatives from a Pentax 645 as well as the Mamiya RB67.

It’s a shame about the edge of the umbrella creeping in! Schoolboy error. I’m still posting this though because of the detail especially in the banner. Mamiya RB67 Neopan 400

On Wednesday I put seven rolls of exposed film in the post for developing by Digitalab in Newcastle. Watch this space!

5 thoughts on “Film Friday #2”

  1. Although it’s a “schoolboy error” I actually like the incidentals that can occur when we miss something while composing the shot. A bit like Forty Five when we may be forced to include elements that we otherwise might exclude.

    On a different note… WordPress does a curious thing on sites that are .com rather than I find that when I visit your site two things happen. If I want to comment I have to first click the WordPress icon and only then will it enable me to comment. The second is that it is not possible to ‘Like’ your blog posts. The only way I can do so is to click th elike button in the Wordress reader. Yours is not the only wordpress powered .com site where this happens. You may know this already but I thought if you didn’t then it may be of interest. Neither of the above things happen when I visit sites? Potentially people are visiting your site without being able to ‘like’ or ‘comment’ and so those aspects of your site may not reflect people’s enthusiasm for your photography. It’s an odd thing and why it occurs as it does is beyond my understanding…

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    1. Thanks Mr C. I’ve made the domain the primary one, let’s see if that makes a difference! Beyond my ken too! I’d planned on letting the domain lapse next year anyway so we will see what happens now 🙂


      1. WordPress has quirks and some I can figure out or work around but others defeat me.
        You’ll notice that on Forty Five I post the photos and words and then add a gallery as the last thing on the post. I do this so that viewers can enjoy the posts so far as the main images and words go without the ugly adverts that appear at the foot of blog posts. The gallery is placed there to shunt the ads further down the page away from the main content. I’ve paid to have the ads removed from Postcard Cafe which I regard as my main site. Have you noticed how ugly the ads are in wordpress? I’m sure it’s to make users pay for an upgrade. I cannot see the ads attracting much business. I’ve never seen any mainstream or recognisable companies advertising on WordPress blogs, just awful ads with horrible images attached.
        Two other sites of mine which up until this year were .com sites I’ve let lapse. There may be a time when I’ll go for a .com site again but I cannot see the benefits for what I do.
        I hope your tweaking your site remedies the issues I noted.
        Have a great weekend.
        Best wishes
        Mr C

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  2. Finally got your blog to load, before I would get ‘unknown domain’ or Sorry, the website cannot be found.

    ”umbrella creeping in! Schoolboy error” Don’t worry, either this year while shooting street photography in France, this idiot somehow I managed to get his camera strap in the way of the lens!


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