9 in 45: The Hipsta Edition

I had another go at Mr C’s 9 in 45 Challenge today. I’d intended shooting a colour set, and indeed I still could as I have the “RAWs” from these, but couldn’t resist shooting with the Hipstamatic app on my phone. These then are the images straight out of the Hipstamatic App with a few minor tweaks to Levels. The walk took me from Hunger Hill in Halifax to the bottom of Salterhebble Hill via the back streets and cobbles that run almost parallel to the main roads.

The nine images can also be found on my Flickr feed
12.29 – 5 minutes from the start at Hunger Hill
12.35 – former mills
12.40 – Devon Ambulance Service, vintage vehicles
12.46 – a popular rat run and no proper pavement!
12.52 – graffiti amongst parked cars
12.57 – one of my favourite spots close to the hospital
13.05 – the first image of my first 9/45 was taken from the other side of the road almost opposite
13.10 – wandering along the route of the now abandoned Halifax Arm of the canal
13.15 – walks end – the former Punch Bowl pub and my bus stop just beyond it (out of sight)

I enjoyed this immensely. I’ve shot lots of single images with the Hipstamatic App but this was the first concerted project or series of images. I actually like them all although believe they work best as a set and not as individual images. I also think I’ve used the quirks of the App to good effect.

The Hipstamatic App creates square jpeg files which are what I’ve used here. There is also the option, which I use, to save the full, un-filtered image and I shall now look at those and perhaps produce an alternative 9/45 where I am not restricted to 1×1 format, heavily filtered images.

iPhone XR: Hipstamatic app: minor tweaks in Photoshop

3 thoughts on “9 in 45: The Hipsta Edition”

  1. Hi Dave,
    These are great.
    I agree with you that they work well as a set but equally there are some that work as standalone photographs. My personal favourite is probably the last image. I particularly like that the twisted sign on the building has folds through it that almost mirror the the shape of the rising road. I think also there is a connection between the worn ’20’ sign on the road and the round weather stained ‘Except for access’ sign and also the relationship between the tall lamp stands. Maybe it’s just my eye but I couldn’t help but see some sort of connection between those elements and I think it’s those elements that make the image work so well. Visually the rising cobbled road provides interest and a little bit of intrigue. It’s a simple shot with lots to enjoy. The ‘OI’ graffiti shot fills the frame and is as loud as it looks 🙂
    I really enjoyed seeing this set of images and after sending this message I will include this post on the Forty Five site. I hope you will be OK with that although if you would prefer I didn’t I can take it down again.
    Best wishes
    Mr C 🙂

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    1. It is my favourite too – although you articulate why more eloquently than I can! I shall look forward to seeing it on the Forty Five site. The colour version should go up on my blog this evening all being well!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I will look forward to seeing the colour version. I guess the next step in your Forty Five excursion is to shoot one in colour. I’m keen to hear how your experience of shooting in colour compares to my own.
        Also (off topic) are you aware that starting today and running for 10 days is the National Heritage Open Days where everything is free! I’ll add a link below to the website where you can search for local events (and use the ‘favourite’ button to refine your preferences).
        Best wishes 🙂

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