Finally, I got the opportunity today to accept Mr C’s Nine in Forty Five challenge. What is that? Put simply, nine photograph in forty five minutes following the following rules, taken directly from Mr C’s “forty Five” blog:


  • Select a starting point for your walk but do not take a photograph.
  • Walk for 5 minutes and take your first photograph from where you stand.
  • Repeat and stop every 5 minutes for the duration of 45 minutes to complete a set of 9 images.
  • Take only one photograph at each location and none in between.
  • Spend no more than one minute selecting, composing and shooting the image then move on to the next.
  • The first image at each location will be the one you keep.
  • Do not delete or retake any images.
  • Images can be taken in colour or black &white.
  • Photographs should essentially be straight from camera.  Any post processing should be minimal – levelling, tweaking and minor cropping are permitted.
  • Photographs should not be heavily processed or put through filter styles.
  • Selfies are not eligible for inclusion on Forty Five.

I’m not going to reflect upon the challenge in this post, I will do that later with the benefit of a few days distance from the challenge, but what I will say is that whilst there are several images her that I would not otherwise have taken I do wish I’d walked a route I’m not quite so familiar with for this first 9-in-45. In the meantime here are all nine images, click on any image for the full-sized versions:

My first attempt at the 9/45 Challenge started at 9.37am on Thursday 5th September, walking from Calderdale Royal Infirmary in Halifax to Elland Bridge, finishing 0n the bridge at 10.32.

6 thoughts on “9-in-45”

  1. Hi D, These are great. I like that you tackled the challenge in B&W. I will add further comment later and this is really a quick note to ask if you would be happy for me to copy and paste the images into the Forty Five site? Then if you wish we can add later any reflections you may have on the experience.
    There will of course be full credit to you and a link to your site.
    If you would like a specific title for the post let me know or I will improvise.
    Best wishes
    Mr C

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    1. Go for it 🙂 I shall be doing the challenge again in the not too distant future. I also shot today’s challenge on out of date B&W film in an old point and shoot camera but won’t know just yet if they’ve turned out to be usable!


      1. Great. Your images are now live on 45!
        Please let me know if there are any changes to the title or the words. I’m happy to add any notes etc so please feel free to let me know.
        I think you have a great set of shots. It’s inevitable with the challenge that some shots will be stronger than others but the challenge is as much about the process and discipline of 45. I hope you got something out of it. I will look forward to any future notes or comments.
        I think the shots almost offer a diary of your walk (unlike some that I have done which sometimes appear to be a random set of images).
        I like them all for different reasons. My favourite from the set is probably number 3. Everything works in this image. Great composition, great contrast and strong shadows and my eye naturally wants to explore the photograph.
        Image numbers 1, 4 and 6 also work really well for me.
        I will look forward to seeing how film version turns out.
        Incidentally which camera did you shoot these with?
        You have inspired me to head out and do a 45 in B&W 🙂 As you know I often shoot in B&W for my other blog sites but for whatever reason haven’t done so with the 45 challenge. I will remedy that in the not too distant….
        Thanks and best wishes
        Mr C

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      2. Thank you Mr C, much appreciated! I will reflect over the next three days and then blog my thoughts – feel free to lift them should you wish!

        I used the Fuji X100T which has a 23mm (35mm FFE) fixed f2 lens. I also took a Nikon L35 AF point and shoot 35mm film camera which has a fixed 35mm f2.8 lens and was the nearest equivalent I have to the Fuji. I bought the Nikon a couple of years back and have only used it once before previously. Unfortunately I have no fresh film on hand so took a roll of Kodak 400TX dated 2013 which I will have processed shortly when I’ve finished three other rolls in various cameras that I unearthed yesterday!

        Good luck with your B&W “45” too


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