Instant August: Day 26

I really struggled narrowing my Instant August choice down to just one for the 26th; the Mini 90 was very productive that day and I was spoilt for choice. When I collate the final Instant August project (a scrapbook) all three of that days shortlist will make it onto the pages of the book! Until then – here they are!

Who could resist!
The front runner for several days – Instax Mini 90, Neo Classic. (flash OFF)
Double exposure: the “one” that made it to Flickr!

All: Instax Mini 90, Neo Classic.

4 thoughts on “Instant August: Day 26”

    1. Cheers Mr C. I like the unpredictability of these double exposures, especially as its a one-off deal, the result is printed there and then and even if you scan the image (as I do for the blog) there’s not really enough detail to play with in post. More importantly, post processing would completely negate the reasons for using instant film!

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      1. I think there is good learning to be had from using instant/one shot images. The double exposure adds a new dimension to it and I guess it’s only after the second image you really get to see what you’ve captured. On digital double exposures you at least get to preview what you are taking.
        I think the lessons to be taken from doing things away from the familiar or comfortable are really valuable and can inform our general approach to photography.
        I belive I invited you some time ago to have a go at the Forty Five challenge where you take 9 photographs in 45 minutes to a strict set of rules. They include things like one shot only, no retaking the shot and minimal or no post processing. Every time I do the ‘challenge’ I feel rewarded. It is unlikely that all nine shots will be brilliant but the process is also about how it feels to place constraints on how we normally work and remove the control we impose on certain parameters, not least the subject!
        I realise you have been unable to get out and about recently (I hope things are improving) so the invitation still stands should you feel inclined when you are able. I’ve just revamped the Forty Five website and it is mow a little more approachable (not completely dissimilar to PCafe!) Although the site only has 21 posts it has 9 different participants. The latest is from someone in the USA. Although they bent the rules a bit I enjoyed their enthusiasm 🙂
        Given your recent experiments I thought now might be the time to refresh the invitation 🙂
        Below is a link to the site should you feel inclined to take a look.
        Best wishes
        Mr C 🙂

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