WWT Martin Mere

We took a trip out to the Wetland and Wildfowl Trust at Martin Mere during the school holidays with Ted.  I’d have liked the opportunity to spend an hour or so in various hides just watching the birds, chilling and taking a few photographs.  That isn’t an option with a hyper four year old however. 

The Wisp

Walking and snapping wasn’t that easy carrying in my right hand a 100-400mm lens on the Fuji, a picnic in a rucksack on my back, the camera bag over one shoulder, the bag for the Fuji on the other and Teds belongings in my left hand. Try steadying the equivalent of a 620+mm lens with two bags hanging off the arm that you are using to steady the lens!

Red Admiral

So, rather than bemoan my fate I made the best of the day, set a fast shutter speed and concentrated on what was achievable within the limitations of my packhorse status. I came away with a pleasing set of images but more importantly Ted had a great day.

I popped a few images from the day onto Flickr in the album: WWT https://www.flickr.com/photos/fatherpie/albums/72157710485019366/with/48599384831/

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