LOMO’ Instant

First impressions count and on removing the box from its brown cardboard packaging this afternoon I was taken aback by the presentation of this instant camera from Lomography. Why oh why didn’t I take a picture of it, pristine and glossy in its box? Well, I didn’t, so you may have to Google it 🙂

Purchasing this instant camera was a spontaneous, you could say instant, decision; I’d previously researched the camera and it’s more recent siblings and decided that the unpredictability of the results was too much of a gamble given the cost of film. But then I saw a 24-hour flash sale which gave me not only the camera but also the three lens attachments for less than half the usual price. I clicked “Buy Now”, paid and only then remembered my earlier decision not to buy this brand. Well, too late to have second thoughts – at least that’s what I told myself.

© Dave Whenham

Of all the Lomo’Instant cameras, this one offers the most manual exposure control and as this aspect was important to me it made it the obvious choice compared to the Lomo’Instant Automat which does it all for you.  The Lomography website explains it in detail.

It effectively has one shutter speed (1/125th second – although it has a Bulb mode too), one ISO setting (Fuji Instax Mini film is rated at 800) and five aperture options (f8, f11, f16, f22 and f32). The built in flash can be set to fire, not fire or fire-when-needed. I have a light meter on my iPhone (Lux App) which enables me to check the light levels and set the camera accordingly. As an enthusiast photographer I also have a set of ND filters I can hold in front of the lens if I need finer control.

© Dave Whenham
The first 5 snaps

I only had time for a few quick snaps today but they were enough to settle my concerns about the potential results. It will take some careful thought and application but I’m sure from even this small test that this camera will enable me to produce some interesting and satisfying work. The Instax film itself is very stable and I’m thinking that my understanding of light and the exposure triangle will stand me in good stead when getting the best out of Lomography’s little box of tricks.

Watch for more over the coming months including a more in-depth review of using the camera. Cameras to me are about results and user experience not technical specifications so don’t hold your breath for those though!

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