Lost and Found

Well, not strictly lost but certainly forgotten about!

My least used camera body and my least used lens are the Fuji X-Pro1 and Samyang 85mm. I decided to give them both an outing this morning as I went in search of my 218th 365-2018 image.  After all the sunshine recently a dull, overcast day with a grey sky provided all the inspiration I needed to find a contrasty black & white and I was happy with the image I came back with (below).

© Dave Whenham

Whilst the memory card was in the reader I noticed there were other images on the card which had not been transferred to my computer. Most appeared to be just test shots as I no doubt fiddled with settings and tried ideas out. But there were some that had clearly been shot with intent.

© Dave Whenham

The composition bottom right (above) is one I’ve shot many times and is shown in context below. It is a favourite “insurance” shot for my 365 although hasn’t as yet made it into the collection itself. I suspect that most of these images were probably early morning “insurances” as I pass all three locations on the way to the paper shop for my wife’s papers.

© Dave Whenham

© Dave Whenham

Looking at these as I drop them into the page I’d be happy to use any of them within my 365 which suggests that even when shooting my “insurance shots” I am still thinking and paying attention to the composition etcetera. I’m clearly not simply happy-snapping so there is something to post, but instead I’m making sure that, however mundane, I have something I’d be happy to add to the series. This was something I said at the outset – I don’t just want to take 365 photographs but I want to make 365 images that I’m happy to have on my portfolio.

Finally, a gratuitous colour popping image – it was clearly what I had in mind when I snapped this otherwise very mundane scene!

© Dave Whenham


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