300 Up!

Yes, this is the 300th  post on this blog which has to be some sort of milestone for me. The first post was on 17/8/2014 but then I waited until 19th December before making any further posts. To “celebrate” I’ve looked back and picked out five favourite moments from the last four years. I could have picked out far more, and these are not necessarily my favourites, but for what they are worth, and in no particular order …

Developing Tanks are Go!

Sadly, my darkroom adventure didn’t last too long due to domestic requirements. Fleeting as it was though I enjoyed my return to the analogue days and still harbour the hope of reinstalling a darkroom again in the future.

© Dave Whenham
Zac – two years ago perhaps? Canon A1 35mm film camera. Scan from warm tone darkroom print

Time Passages

Universally panned by the folk at my camera club, this remains one of my favourite images partly because of the effort, not to say discomfort, involved in getting the image in the first place.

Not a Universal Favourite


An Afternoon at 23mm

The Fuji X100 series are fabulous, pocketable, carry-everywhere cameras and I particularly enjoyed a day in the centre of Leeds armed with nothing more than a camera with a fixed lens and a few filters in my pocket.

(C) Dave Whenham
Harsh light, strong contrasts and processing to match

Pre-flight Nerves

Not my best drone imagery but the first!

© Dave Whenham
West Vale from the air


63-2017 Week 4

December 2017 saw me coming towards the end of the 63 daily images challenge that was the prequel to this years 365. It wasn’t the first time I’d tried to take a picture a day but it was the first time I’d got anywhere near success so I was in buoyant mood.

© Dave Whenham


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