Going Back #1

This is the first in an occasional mini series of “Going Back” images in which I’ve revisited locations from the 365 with just the Samyang 12mm lens and a ND graduated filter.

© Dave Whenham
View from Elland Bridge

I’ve shot this scene once before for the 365 but to be fair when the light/weather is right I shoot it regularly so see no issue with a return visit for the 365 Challenge. I woke up and as soon as I looked outside knew this would be my image for the day.

It went down well with the 365 Group too, one commenting that ” I … prefer your angle on this one, it’s much more dynamic especially with that sky, and the fact that you have retained the top of the building this time really helps the composition IMHO.” A view I  agreed with. I shot this from a few metres further to the left of where I usually shoot the scene and as I’ve already mentioned I used a 12mm lens rather than the 18mm-55mm I normally have on the camera.

Agreeing with the first comment another viewer said that “this is an atmospheric and dynamic image. I can see why you like to shoot it so often.”  The comment though that inspired this occasional series of return visits, Going Back, was: “always good to return to a place; the light is never the same twice.” Which I felt kind of legitamised my approach.

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