That restless quality that I’ve spoken of before doesn’t quieten down it seems just because we’ve already taken on a bumper load of new challenges in the past eighteen months.  This need to constantly seek fresh things to do though does cause me some unease. You’ve heard the phrase “Jack of all trades, Master of none”?  I do have a tendency towards being a very competent Jack, which is fine as it ensures I always have something to do and do not have any real excuses for being bored. Every now and then though I do wonder what it would be like to be a “Master”.

But, onwards and, hopefully, upwards!  During the last few weeks of further, enforced house arrest, as I quaintly describe it, I started to dabble with textures and flowers. I then gave in to a long standing itch and bought a Lensbaby. I then went out and purchased some props for future indoor projects. And all the while I’m charging the drone batteries every five days in the hope I can get it out and shoot some more aerial images.

© Dave Whenham
Fancy a tonic?

Time at the computer currently,  consists primarily of Photoshop, working on processing the flowers and on learning how to use textures. Time on the iPad is mainly reading on the same subject and of course the occasional blog post. I write most of these posts  using Notes on my iPad and then copy and paste into the blog on the computer, tweak as needed and add any images that are required.

I’m keeping my hand in on Pictures to Exe too. My first submission to the UPP AV Group is with the coordinator and goes out to the group members on 1st April I believe. Having picked the threads of PTE up again after a four month lay off I want to ensure I use the software regularly so I don’t have to keep relearning the basics.  It’s the regular use of software that helps cement the learning for me as I suspect it does for many of us. I also had a quick play in Final Cut Pro the other day, cutting together some time lapses from my iPhone, for no reason other than to keep my hand in.

As (or perhaps if) the better weather arrives so concerns over my chest and lungs will reduce and I will be able to get out for longer periods. The trick will be to keep as many of these activities as possible in play. One idea is to try to combine them if possible. Thus for example, I have an idea for an AV featuring urban landscapes shot with a Lensbaby, which I’ve tentatively called “Urban Blur”. This will incorporate shooting with an AV in mind, something I’ve not yet done, as well as practicing using the Lensbabies and of course using Pictures to Exe together with all the ancillary tasks that necessitates.  The still-life and texture work will need to be actively confined to those days when I absolutely have to stay indoors.

Anyway, enough of my random musings. I guess this post is basically a diary note for myself but the discipline of writing it has helped me to clarify some thoughts in my increasingly befuddled brain.

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