365-2018: YTD Update (Feb 2018)

Well, the coming of the Siberian winter also heralded the end of the second month of my 365, picture-a-day challenge.  Adding in my 63-2017 project today (March 3rd) saw my 125th consecutive image and looking at the stats almost 90% have been posted on the day too during 2018, a much improved performance of the 2017 figures.

© Dave Whenham
Mosaic courtesy of BigHugeLabs

Being a minor geek I’ve looked at a few numbers and determined that 65% of the images year to date have been urban which is unsurprising given my reduced mobility. Only six (10%) of the images fall naturally into the landscape genre which is my favoured subject and I cannot see that percentage changing for a few months yet. That said well over 80% of the images have been taken outdoors which does please me somewhat.

Camera-wise the Nikon D800E and Fuji X-T20 shared top honours with twenty images each. Overall though the Fujis’ did just take the top spot largely because of the eminently pocketable Fuji X100t which capture 17% of the total. The Mavic Pro drone finally made an appearance as did the iPhone 7 each with a single image in the collection.

All of the images are of course on Flickr – https://www.flickr.com/photos/fatherpie/

Here however is a slideshow of some of the images from February:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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