A day in the life …

9:50pm, weather forecast for tomorrow – starting bright and clear in most places. Thinks, “finally time to get the drone up for its first flight of 2018.”

  • Batteries charged – check!
  • Drone firmware up to date – check!
  • Drone in case – check!
  • Cables in case – check!
  • Memory cards – check!
  • Cleaning cloth – check!
  • Camera in bag – check!
  • Mobile phone on charge – check!
  • Portable phone battery – check!

11pm, gear checked,  packed and ready to go.


6am, alarm jerks me awake and I look out of the window. Wall to wall, nothing. Grey, grey, grey oh and more grey. The wife is in luck, no dawn shoot so a lift to work at 7am is on the cards.

7:39am, a test shot looking over the Nestle factory with some of Halifax’s architecture in background. Will look good I think with warm morning light on the warm coloured stone contrasting with the bright metallic feel of the factory in the foreground.

7:52am, coffee in front of me, transfer image from camera to iPad and marvel at modern technology yet again. My test shot is a keeper! Celebratory sausage and egg butty is called for.

© Dave Whenham
Looking over the Nestle factory to Halifax town centre (Snapseed edit)

8:23am, still grey, grey, grey. Abort and try tomorrow? Or drive out and hope?

Decisions, decisions.

8:24am, realise that there is a basket of dirty laundry awaiting me at home.

8:26am, in car heading for the moors!

8:38am, signs of some light creeping in.

8:53am, Pulled over on to some rough ground alongside the B6114, drone in the air.


First shot from the drone since early November. Checking later it’s a keeper too.

© Dave Whenham
Off the beaten track – just 25 feet above gives a different perspective


9:02am, drone at 200 feet above Buckstones. Light not good but I am getting some flying practice in too. A few snaps of which a couple will find their way on to Flickr in the afternoon.

© Dave Whenham
Still murky but good to have drone aloft

9:13am, Hands like ice so reach into bag for hand warmers.

9:14am, back in car. Hand warmers are still on my desk!

9:16am, heading back along B6114 and see a few crepuscular rays so pull over for a quick snap. Drone on the seat next to me so decide to use that rather than the Fuji.

© Dave Whenham
Crepuscular Marsden Moor

9:30am, back indoors. Coffee brewing, hands painfully returned to life as I drove and are now back to normal.

10:00am, images loaded into Adobe Bridge and a small smile of satisfaction on my lips.

© Dave Whenham
60 feet above Buckstones

View from 60 feet up above Buckstones looking down the road towards Rochdale (I know it’s beyond the horizon but stick on the road and you’ll get there).

Happy now to sort out the dirty laundry!

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