So, the first update on my first ever 365 Challenge. It is Day 19 as I write this and I’m very much enjoying the experience. The 63-2017 set me up nicely I think and meant that I hit the floor running to use a common platitude. It certainly helped me in terms of knowing what to expect and indeed as the last 82 days have progressed I have in many ways found it easier to incorporate the picture-a-day into my routine. I actually wake up thinking about it most days although I’m not sure if that is a good or a bad thing.

© Dave Whenham
Day 1. View from a Window

I had hoped to start the year with a lovely black and white landscape but as anyone who’s followed my 63-2017 Challenge will know I’ve been confined to the house since early December so that was never going to happen. Instead I awoke on January 1st determined to embrace the situation and so I deliberately included part of the structure of the house in the image to stress the feeling of being cooped up. I used a few images from this window in my 63-2017 but always being careful to exclude the window, its frame and indeed the house walls. So I produced a creative night image (I hope) but with a little “extra” that hints at my frustration at being kept indoors.

So, not the start I was hoping for and indeed it would be the middle of January before I had any form of free movement albeit restricted by advice to keep indoors and avoid the cold! Not easy when temperatures are in low single digits most of the day and we have snow, sleet, hail and rain on and off throughout the day.

© Dave Whenham
Day 3. Ted sums up how I feel

Ironically, the first week of January saw me out of the house and so there were a few pictures from Dean Clough. Through a series of unforseen events I was needed to drive the wife to work and was given strict instructions though not to leave the car apart from the purpose of returning to the house. No one said I couldn’t park sideways on the edge of the car park though and wind the window. Still, I wasn’t complaining.

© Dave Whenham
Day 5. Blue hour in mono

I’ve just realised that the three images I’ve selected so far have all been square formats. Not a deliberate design choice but I guess it is not a surprise given my interest in the square format. In fact, half of the first nineteen images have been presented at 1×1 which is a bit of a surprise even to me.

Day 5 was shot in the “blue hour” on a cold morning in Halifax pre-sunrise and bitterly cold. It required a 15-second exposure so it was lucky I had a tripod in the boot of the car. Images like these appeal greatly to me so its good to know that the 365 challenge is providing the impetus to capture them rather than taking the lazy option. I had originally envisaged this as a colour image, but in the end it was posted s a high contrast mono.

Day 6. Dean Clough

Dean Clough Mills in Halifax was the location for Day 6 as it has been for five of the first nineteen images in my 365 project.  Again it arose as a result of taking the wife to work and is another early morning picture.  Dean Clough Mills is a nationally renowned centre for business and the arts, located on a landmark site that was once the world’s largest carpet factory. Over the last 30 years Dean Clough’s imposing 19th C. buildings have been renovated to the highest standard and the half-mile long complex now accommodates over 150 businesses that employ some 4,000 people. My fascination with this location, and particularly the few square metres most of my recent Dean Clough images have been taken from, stems as I’ve said before from Bill Brandt’s 1937 image The Snicket.

© Dave Whenham
Day 7. Good Morning Sunday!

Sunday morning brought frost on the rooftops and a blazing morning sky the like of which we do not see that often here.  The end of the first week of 365-2018 and also the 70th consecutive picture of the day.

© Dave Whenham
Day 13. Ikea beckons

A pattern shot taken in the underground car park of the Ikea store at Birstall was my offering on Day 13. I initially shot this to take advantage of all the converging lines but then noted the poster promoting the health benefits of the company’s pasta. It seemed slightly incongrous to advertise the health benefits on a poster coverered in grime and situated amongst all these machines which we are told are runining the environment and our health. Irresistible to me of course.

© Dave Whenham
Day 17. Making the best of staying indoors

As I’ve noted already in the blog, I’ve had the water drop kit out over the last couple of days, and have indeed posted a few to Flickr, so it was inevitable that one would sneak into my 365 project.

© Dave Whenham
Day 19. The image that didn’t make the cut!

And so to the 19th, the last in this update and the only image here that is NOT one of my 365-2018 series. I shot this image just a few hours ago and fully intended to present it as a black & white to go with the black & white image I shot from virtually the same place for Day 18. In the end the dark blue sky momentarily swayed me and in that brief moment I posted it to Flickr. Had I delayed by even a few minutes then this version would have made the cut but by then I’d posted the colour version so that has to stand. At least I get to post the black & white version here.

So, that was a quick update on the first nineteen days and don’t forget the full set can be viewed on Flickr.

© Dave Whenham

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