Finally, my health has turned a corner and I’m starting to become more active and even leaving the house for purposes other than medical appointments! My wife has diagnosed pneumonia but my doctor is more circumspect and I’m going for more X-Rays and blood tests shortly! Which makes it more frustrating that the weather is foul but at least I have been playing with water over the last few days – blog post to follow.

© Dave Whenham
View from my desk

However, in between the showers there have been some opportunities to get out locally albeit for short trips only.

© Dave Whenham
Rex Cinema, Elland

I’m working on a 365 project for 2018, update due soon, and the discipline is helping get through this period of enforced incarceration. The 63-2017 project helped too as I’ve blogged about several times previously. Todays 365 image was taken down at Dean Clough and is the fourth in the 365-2018 series to feature the end of Bowling Mill immortalised in 1937 by Bill Brandt.  My fascination with this location, and particularly the few square metres that these images have been taken from, stems as I’ve said before from Bill Brandt’s The Snicket. Today’s offering (below) is the same scene but from a POV that may not have been accessible to Brandt as I am stood where the railway line once ran.

© Dave Whenham
Dean Clough

© Dave Whenham

A medical appointment took me to Huddersfield town centre on Tuesday so of course the X100t went with me. I’m instinctively drawn to the streets behind the main shops which often have a griminess that is at total odds with the bright, chrome and neon adorned frontages. One of the images made it into my 365-2018 project and another is shown above. A gritty, harsh monochrome conversion gave the scene the feel to complement the look.

© Dave Whenham
Huddersfield – back of the shops

So, here’s to getting out and about again fully and of course to getting some light with which to work. I have ideas for audio-visual using Pictures to Exe, for a new video diary/blog and of course to play with some more time-lapse sequences. For the first time ever I feel I have the kit that I need, that works for me and most importantly the kit that I want. It’s the same gear as last year essentially, what changes is the mindset of course. To be honest, after the last seven weeks I’d be happy with an Instamatic so long as I was out of the house!


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