Llyn Padarn (aerial)

I used Flickr only sporadically during 2017 and indeed over the last few years, since the major changes to the free model, I have not used Flickr that much at all. Like many I migrated to Facebook and shared my images there as I could simultaneously share them with friends and fellow photographers alike. However, in mid-2017 I closed my Facebook account concerned at the amount of time I wasted every day on its pages. The time away from Facebook did me good and whilst I’ve since opened a new account I can go days, sometimes weeks, without uploading or checking; the constant need to check for updates has been overcome and I now enjoy my occasional visit.

When I was working on the 63-2017 I decided to use a Flickr album to keep the series together and I am doing the same for the 365-2018. As a result I’ve started to upload to Flickr again at


3 thoughts on “Flickr”

  1. Great image.
    As I read your post it made smile to read that you had left Facebook. How refreshing I thought… And then you have gone back to it… Aaaagghhhh! I’m not a fan of Facebook but I’ll spare you my ranting and raving about why I think we are better off without it. It seems at times I am the only one who isn’t on Facebook. However there already rumblings in the media about how harmful it is, in more ways than simply wasting peoples time.
    Your Flickr account looks good. I’ve thought about Flickr but never taken the step of actually opening an account. Maybe I’ll look into it again.
    Best wishes
    Mr C

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