63-2017 – The Conclusion (2 of 2)

And so we come to the final six images of the 63-2017 Challenge. Without the focus of the Challenge I doubt I would have taken more than a couple of pictures during the whole of December. Five of the final six were taken no more than a foot from either the front or back door and one of those was indoors. Just one, 61, was taken away from the home and it was taken just a few yards from the bus stop as I waited in the snow to catch the bus home after a hospital visit. Friday 29th December was probably the most frustrating day of the Challenge as it snowed heavily and I have several images in my head from all my recent trips to the moors etcetera which were just waiting for that magical ingredient – snow!

63-2017-58  I think this represents the lowest point of the Challenge. I took it within half an hour of getting up on Boxing Day, never a good day for me as it was my late mothers birthday, and I looked at the window and realised that was how I felt. I took one image and didn’t touch a camera again that day.

© Dave Whenham

63-2017-59 View from the Door

© Dave Whenham

63-2017-60 View from the Gate


Do you sense a little frustration in images 59 and 60? The former taken late in day as the blue hour was arriving and the latter at the start of the day. I knew I wasn’t going to get out so over the two days chose to try and capture the best of the light in the street outside.

63-2017-61 View from a Bridge. I couldn’t resist a third consecutive “View from …” but this one is three miles from home!! It is also the same location as number 16.

© Dave Whenham

I also shot a time-lapse, albeit from the bedroom window, on the Friday as well as a few seconds of video footage. Probably my most productive day in December!

63-2017-62 Stark. After having got home yesterday wheezing and short of breath I knew I’d be confined to the house for the rest of the year. Saturday was cold and stark and in my head I knew I wanted something to match that feeling. The bare branches of the tree in the front yard against the cold blue of the sky was the perfect counterpoint. Had I not been under strict instructions to stay indoors I’m sure I’d have spent more time getting the “perfect” angle but as it was I had to sneak this shot when the Boss went upstairs to the loo!

© Dave Whenham

63-2017-63. View from the Other Door.  And so we arrive at Day 63 of the Photo-A-Day-for-63-Day Challenge. I wanted to end with a little bit of a flourish but was also cognisant of my current house arrest. The answer was a five-frame panorama, shot from the back yard just as it had got light whilst the family slept. I’m quite pleased with it and with how I’ve managed to complete the Challenge despite some pretty unhelpful odds at times. The only down note is that I will start 365-2018 with the constraints that have marked around a third of the 63-2017 Challenge still in place.

© Dave Whenham

I have enjoyed the Challenge of a picture a day. It has got me into the 365-routine to some degree and given the personal constraints at times it has shown that I can be resourceful when required and that being confined to bed or under house arrest need not prevent the capture of the daily image. Over the next month or so I should be able to reclaim some of the space in the house for things such as my water-drop equipment so days when I’m confined to barracks will be a little easier as there will be something with which to amuse myself.

And I am very proud not to have photographed my lunch!

Find the full 63-2017 portfolio HERE.

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