Newborough beach from the air

Newborough beach, Anglesey. Sadly tide times and the fact I only had the morning available meant that I didn’t make it to the island.

© Dave Whenham
Yes, I erased myself and Richard from the beach :0
Sunrise was not spectacular but still worth seeing
© Dave Whenham
Just as the sun popped its head up

© Dave Whenham


© Dave Whenham
Sadly I didn’t make it on to the island
© Dave Whenham
A final sweep of the beach into a now-risen sun

2 thoughts on “Newborough beach from the air”

  1. Hi D,

    A nice set of images. I particularly like the second one. My eye is again (as per one of my recent comments) telling me that a slightly tighter crop top and bottom might introduce a little more drama and draw on the strength of the horizontal rocky outcrops. What do you think?
    You say beneath this image that the sunrise wasn’t spectacular and yet I think it is this shot that has some wonderful light and colour.
    Looks like you are enjoying your drone…
    Best wishes
    Mr C 🙂

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