2 thoughts on “Menai Straits – 2 images”

  1. Great shots. I like them both.
    The muted palette of colours in the second adds to the atmosphere and there is a lot to enjoy.
    Cropping images is something I can deliberate over for hours.
    While I was in WordPress Reader I scrolled down the B&W to a point where it revealed only about a centimetre of the foreground water beneath the reflected white line of the light reflected on the water. So the photograph became more landscape in aspect. By removing most of the foreground water and the rocks it created a harder more foreboding image. Is it something you had considered with this image? I like how you have presented it but I accidentally found a different virtual crop while scrolling in WordPress!
    Great work. I continue to enjoy your photographs. Thanks for sharing.
    Best wishes
    Mr C

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    1. Thank you Mr C!

      Funnily enough I shot the top scene with a few different crops in mind one of which does indeed eliminate the foreground rocks. I also took a shot without the foreground rocks in the frame at all. When I was on the shoreline I debated about including them because of the relatively large expanse of empty water between the highlight and the rocks. On looking again at them both I do prefer the version without the foreground rocks. Like you I can spend hours pondering over different crops. Even whilst taking the images I am usually thinking about crops and will often compose a frame with a crop in mind.

      Thanks as always for your thoughts – when I fire the Mac up later I am going to try cropping from top and bottom I think to make more of the highlights in both the cloud and the surface of the water.

      All the best


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