The “holiday” is over

I last posted on the 26th September, a day before leaving for a few days in the Lakes. A lack of wifi at the place we stayed kept me from my blog and then the arrival of grandson number four and the wedding of daughter number three continued to keep me AWOL until this morning. I have some images to share, some footage for a blog post or two and some thoughts to share too. But not just yet!

One benefit of a lack of wifi is that I got some reading done and as my birthday also fell within this two week window there were some new things to read too; no doubt some of what I read will influence some of my ramblings in the coming weeks. A couple of new gadgets found there way into my possession as well so the inner child in me was also catered for.

I did post a few images to Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter over the two weeks and once again the benefits of the Fuji’s in-built wifi and Snapseed on my iPad were well appreciated. I’ve just looked at the RAW files from the last couple of weeks and whilst there won’t be an avalanche of new material there are some nice images that I’m looking forward to processing properly over the coming week or three.

© Dave Whenham
Trees and mist, Rydal Hall
© Dave Whenham
Boathouse, Rydal Water

So, I leave you with a few images from the last fortnight and the promise of more posts to come. I’m away for a few days in Anglesey next week, a place I’ve never visited so I am looking forward to that immensely.


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