Promoting the Club (Pictures to Exe)

I am a member of the PPC (Postal Photographic Club) an online and postal photographic club – the photography club that comes to you! I was recently tasked with producing a couple of promotional videos for the club; one showcasing the online side and another promoting the print/postal side of the club.

I produced the final videos in Pictures to Exe although the component parts have been through Lightroom, Photoshop and Final Cut Pro on their way into PTE. I was impressed at how well my iMac coped with running Mac OS and Windows 7 simultaneously, swapping between the two and transferring files between the various programmes seamlessly.

For posterity here are the two finished items.


Over the fields and far away

Over the fields and far away – Newton in Bowland. DJI Mavic, RAW capture and image processed in Lightroom.

© Dave Whenham

We make progress. I’m no longer relying totally on the built in systems to fly the drone. I’ve turned the beginner mode off and am now flying solo as it were. I have practiced landing and bringing the drone back to me rather than use the Return to Home feature (which I have only used once – when I lost sight of the drone).  This came in handy last week as there were a lot of telegraph wires around the take-off and flight area.

I’ve got the set-up and pack-away routines worked out now so can be up in the air fairly soon after arriving at a destination. The iPad mini (2) may need to be upgraded as whilst it works and I like the size it is clearly under-powered in terms of computing power and I’ve had several warnings that it’s at capacity and performance of the drone may suffer. When you consider that all I am running is the DJI app and that the iPad is powered off and rebooted between each use then you can see that further investment may be needed. unless I go back to using my iPhone.

So, all in all I’m pleased with progress and starting to create some interesting aerial stills. Onwards and … upwards!