A Rookie Mistake

© Dave Whenham
Fuji X-Pro1 35/1.4 1/4000th sec f2.8 ISO 800

Elland Vintage Fair, less than a ten minute walk from from my front door so a natural event at which to point my lens. I chose the Fuji X-Pro1 with 35mm f1.4 lens, perfect for this type of shooting, and slipped an 8mm fisheye in my coat pocket.

© Dave Whenham

Snap! A nice establishing shot through the open gates.

Snap! Another establishing shot this time of a few of the children’s rides and the burger van (“good food fast”).

Snap! A close-up of a Porsche badge on gleaming, black rain-covered bonnet.

and then ….                     IMG_0562


And then I realised that I’d not picked up the two spare batteries that I’d put out next to the fisheye not ten minutes earlier. I also realised that as I hadn’t used the X-Pro1 for a while I should also have checked the battery before setting out.

Gutted doesn’t cover it. But there was more to come; patting my pockets I couldn’t locate my iPhone. I was staring at the prospect of no X-Pro1 and no phone camera! Fortunately this second slow was short-lived when it transpired my iPhone was in my wife handbag but if I’m honest I’d kinda lost interest by then.

So, rookie mistake – I hope that by sharing it at least one person will heed the advise to always check you have that spare battery. So, here are three differently processed images from the iPhone. I didn’t capture what I’d intended and really did pay for my rookie mistake.

© Dave Whenham
iPhone 7








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