Apropos Nothing

It’s been a strange couple of weeks, not least because I’ve not had the opportunity to post to this blog. There hasn’t been a lot going on photographically but sometimes life just gets in the way I guess. That and the British weather.

© Dave WhenhamNow I’m a big believer in making the best of whatever the weather chucks our way, if I didn’t I’d rarely take the cameras out, but when life gets in the way too to prevent me making photographs then it kind of sucks (to use my daughters phrase not mine). Not going to bore anyone with whys and wherefores but did feel the need to write something this morning (whilst I sit in to await a delivery for my wife) even if just to keep my hand in. Life again!

© Dave WhenhamI have spent what time I had as productively as I could though over the last two weeks, partly because I took an iPad with me everywhere. Lots of YouTube and internet surfing of course, quite a bit of reading and even some thinking! I did manage to work out how to use the Fuji X-T20 for time-lapse photography as well; a lot more straight forward to set up than I had imagined. Oh, and I upgraded the DJI Mavic Pro firmware/software – twice – without getting it in the air in-between.  I turned it on a couple of times to check out settings following online research and each time it alerted me to an update.

© Dave Whenham
Fistral Beach – Newquay

I’ve just had to look at he calendar to check where we went in June and the answer is not that many places. A two-week half-term put paid to most of the month, a five-day trip down south on family business and there wasn’t time for much else once you factor in domestic “stuff”!  As predicted at the end of May the highlight of June was always going to be the few days in Cornwall. It was mainly a “business” trip but I did hope to escape for a while with the cameras. Well, long story short, the good light coincided with the duty elements and the rain and grey skies coincided with my free time. Life eh!

Anyway, I need to go and build some garden furniture now so will sign off. Apropos Nothing seems quite appropriate as a title somehow



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