Looking Back

I’ve mentioned previously that video is a genre I’ve dabbled with on and off several times over the years. Indeed, if you go back forty years you will find me with a film cine camera “spraying and praying” as the saying goes. In the 1980s I had two slide projectors and went through agonies trying to synchronise the two together with music to produce slide shows with dissolves and transitions – all manual of course and only the most skilled could really do it justice. Being a completely manual process meant that no two performances were exactly the same. Heady stuff but also clunky, time consuming and needing true devotion to master the craft. This impatient teenager never stood a chance in hindsight!

In this, my longest video to date, I think back and reflect on my various forays into the world of video. Using previously unseen footage from 2012 and 2016 together with some iPhone footage I shot this week I consider some of the things I’ve learnt recently and share some of the truly terrible handheld footage from my venerable Canon 5D MkII (RIP).

Not one for the faint hearted!

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