To iPhone or not …

© Dave Whenham
Hull Old Docks – no longer there I’m told

How do these folk on YouTube who post a daily blog find the time? Not exactly of earth-shattering importance but an interesting diversion from the tedium of infantile pseudo-political nonsense filling the ether at the minute.

I know that with experience comes greater speed of editing, production and the rest of it and that to some degree many are formulaic which again helps I’m sure. Many are delivered to-camera, often on the hoof, which can fill many minutes without the need for quality footage. But many also have some decent footage, even if it is just used as B-roll to accompany the main narrative.

I totally get that I have a huge learning curve, that the style of video I am choosing to try to produce is probably more time consuming than a face-to-camera Vlog but nevertheless how do they find time EVERY day? I no longer have a paid job but in a typical day I rarely get more than an hour to myself on a week day. I don’t know the answer but it will give me something to think about whilst I’m sorting the washing or sweeping the stairs later today.

I am away for a few days at the end of the month and will not have room for much in the way of photographic kit so am planning on taking just the Fuji X-T20 with a single lens and the drone. I can use the Fuji for video but will use it mainly for stills I suspect so having just acquired a shiny new phone I’m thinking of using that for B-roll footage.

The snippets here were shot hand held on the phone just to see if it works OK and I think that it will do very nicely for a short online video update for my blog. Whilst it is all totally handheld it is reasonably steady although I’m debating whether a smartphone gimbal might not be a worthwhile purchase. I can see the video facility on this phone being used too when I’ve got the drone out and I’m not wanting to carry a digital camera too.

Music: Procession of the King Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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