Something Different – the Sequel

Firstly, my thanks to the Postcard Cafe for pointing out that I had comments turned off on my blog – no wonder I wasn’t getting any feedback from my readers (there’s at least two of you I now know!).  I’m not going to go back retrospectively and change every blog post but I’ve now enabled comments for the last couple and for all new posts thanks.

Anyway, Mr C at the Postcard Cafe took the trouble to get in touch to say “I enjoyed watching today’s ‘Something Different’ and how you are happy to show us a work in progress”,  for which I am very grateful.  I have to be honest I hesitated about letting something so “unfinished” out into the wild but at the end of the day I do not profess to be a videographer; I am just a stills photographer intrigued by a medium that is now much more accessible than ever before.

I’m working on what I might do for another video blog post which in my head I have scheduled for sometime in June but in the meantime thought I’d share the sequel to Something Different which uses material I chose to omit from the first video. Had I used all the material I’d have had a six minute video, something I wasn’t ready for just yet!

I am now going to sit down, rewatch both videos and think about how I improve things for the next video.  As one of the purposes of my blog is to share my experiments and blind stumbling in this creative world I will no doubt share some experiences in the meantime.

I hope that you enjoy this one Mr C, it’s dedicated to you!

One thought on “Something Different – the Sequel”

  1. I enjoyed the sequel. I very much enjoy my walks along the canal in Sheffield through an area which was once its industrial heart. I see something different every time and sometimes my enjoyment isn’t about taking photographs but enjoying the moment.
    The sequel has some great footage and I can imagine that now you are dabbling in video that yours stills photography will help to inform your approach to video. I wonder too if it’ll also work the other way around? There is a nice shot in the video from the drone slightly elevated above the lock gates looking along the canal which offers a different perspective. I also enjoyed seeing some of your stills in the video. Have you thought about presenting a canal slideshow video of your stills with music? If done well with nice transitions a slide show can be a very nice way of showing photographs and also a way of creating something of a narrative. I enjoyed the visual ‘cheers’ at the end of your short video. A nice touch.
    I saw a film on BBC4 called All Aboard! The Canal Trip which was simply wonderful. It was a two hour video in real time travelling along the Kennet and Avon canal without commentary or music, just natural sounds. It had a really nice way of adding some written facts but I won’t say how they do it in case you are able to watch it at some point. I’m sure it will be shown again so do keep an eye out for it. Here is the link to the BBC page about it:
    Thanks for sharing your adventures in video!
    Best wishes
    Mr C 🙂


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