Something Different

You have to keep pushing yourself I always think in order to be at your creative best. That means never resting on your laurels and always being prepared to try something different.

I have dabbled in video in the past, but never really achieving the quality I was after and therefore after periodic bursts of activity the interest waxes and then wanes.  It’s an itch that never quite goes away though and so in a moment of weakness  I thought I’d have another try this week.

I can’t imagine I’m gonna trouble any YouTuber or Vlogger out there with my efforts but nothing ventured nothing gained I guess.

I think one of the issues I have is that I think like a stills photographer and not a film maker or videographer. I see the world in stills, sometimes a series of stills, but not necessarily in combinations of movement and sound. However,  this I believe can be learnt through practice and a bit of effort – surely? I watch enough Vlogs etcetera on YouTube every week not to mention other online tutorials and videos. Academically at least some of these ideas must have lodged in my brain somewhere even if they’ve not yet taken shape creatively.

The video footage presented here is not new, it is a compilation from various aborted projects from 2016 – not enthralling but a benchmark of sorts I guess.  For me video is a combination of the moving image, the stills, the audio, ambient sounds and voice-over – a lot of different skills for the average Joe to assimilate.

I read recently that the only way to get better at this medium is to make them! However bad the first they will get better and there is no substitute for practice, practice, practice.  I approached this one with a different mind set to previous efforts and I am already considering a second issue for June.

It remains to be seen if the practice does result in better videos – but at least my reader will be able to judge it with me!

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