“There’s no such thing as the wrong light, just the wrong attitude.”

As a landscape photographer I’ve heard such homilies ad nauseam over the years. Another variation is “There’s no such thing as the wrong weather just the wrong clothes”. The fact that in general terms I actually agree with these sentiments doesn’t lessen the irritation I feel whenever one of these phrases gets trotted out, however well-meant.

(C) Dave Whenham

As it happens, I’ve been thinking about attitude recently.  Looking at Lightroom, I took more photographs in April than in the first three months of the year combined. With just a third of May gone I’m currently matching Aprils daily average too. But apart from one trip, which ironically produced very few images, everything these last six weeks has been shot locally. Much of it in my small back yard as the last couple of blog posts will attest.

What has been different in the last six weeks compared to the first thirteen weeks of the year? Well, I hate to admit it but “attitude” springs to mind. My attitude in general.

Attitude: the way you feel about something
synonyms: point of view, view, viewpoint, vantage point, frame of mind, way of thinking, way of looking at things, outlook

(C) Dave Whenham

So, in case there’s any doubt, your attitude is down to YOU. No one else. In the same way that MY attitude is down to ME. So no excuses then. No use saying that someone else prevented me from taking photos. Unless they physically restrained me (which they didn’t). What kept me indoors and reduced my creative output in the first quarter of the year was me.  Me. Period.

We all go through creative ruts, it’s normal and there’s no point fretting about it. However, when you chose to sit and watch another YouTube video rather than jump in the car and drive just fifteen minutes to take some images in the local woods then you can’t blame a creative rut. It’s down to you (and of course all these “you” references should  actually be “me”).

So, next time I see “there’s no such thing as the wrong light, just the wrong attitude”, or one of the variants I will still cringe slightly inside but I will also say “yes – and that means ME too”.

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