© Dave Whenham
Nikon D7100 Sigma 105mm macro lens handheld f8 ISO 800 1/1600th sec

Serendipity. A wonderful word and a wonderful experience at times. Take this image. It only exists because my wife had to finish something urgently before we went out on Friday morning. The suitcase was packed, all our requirements for the weekend down south were installed in the boot and we were just about leave when she remembered something. “It will only take ten minutes” (it did by the way).

So, I picked up the nearest camera. With my Fuji in the boot of the car my hand chanced upon the Nikon D7100 with which I’d been photographing poppies the previous afternoon using the Sigma 105mm macro lens. I spent ten minutes playing in the back yard, shooting backlit poppies (subject of a future post) before senior management returned. Without really thinking I dropped the Nikon in the boot of the car and off we went.

Fast forward to this morning and I had forty five minutes to play with the cameras before we left to come back up north so I found a field of rape seed crop and with the Fuji in hand set about looking for some bold yellow field/blue sky. I chanced upon this little fella and with an 18-55 lens on the Fuji it was but a dot in the frame. Then I remembered! What was in the boot of the car! Fortunately (more luck) I was still only a few yards from the car so I popped back for the Nikon/Sigma combination.

Serendipity had ensured I had the right tool to hand at just the right moment.

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