Starry, starry night …

© Dave Whenham
Newton Bowland – April 2017

Back home after a few days relaxing in the Forest of Bowland, where we sat, read, ate and took the odd snap along the way.  Oh, and looked at the stars. I have never seen so many stars as I saw on the one clear night we had whilst we were there; even well known clusters such as the Plough became harder to pick out amongst such a multitude.

© Dave Whenham
Not perfectly clear on the last night but lots of stars to see all the same

I was aware of the Forest’s status as a Dark Sky Site so had read up on photographing the night sky before I left home. I just need to work out how to get the most from the files which is my job for tomorrow. In the meantime, still stuffed from three man-sized breakfasts and three family-sized evening meals I have posted these few to be going on with.

© Dave Whenham
I actually watched this streak across the sky!

We are going back in August =- and as for where to stay – easy .. !

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