(C) Dave Whenham
The Ridgeway – Fuji XT-1 with Samyang 85mm and me.

I’ve had a quick look through yesterday’s images and on the whole they are a grey bunch of files. A couple will make half decent black and whites which was the objective, or at least became the objective when I saw the weather/light up on the Downs.

This one stood out though for the subtlety of colour. It was taken moments after yesterdays one band of sunlight had streaked across the grey landscape at the end of the walk. It isn’t going to win any prizes but it’s a pleasant image and this iPad edit (in Snapseed and then a graduated filter for the sky courtesy of Lightroom mobile) manages to retain the subtlety whilst warming and bringing out what little detail there was in the sky.

it is good sometimes to remember that photography is not just about the “wow!” moments or even just the decisive moments. Photography is also about capturing the day to day, ordinary times, recording the smaller and less consequential moments that in reality make up the major portion of most of our lives.

Keeping everything simple (one camera, one lens and me) and capturing simple things is just as fulfilling sometimes as capturing those more exciting but fleeting moments of photographic magic.