Back button options


In a previous post I mentioned that the diminutive size of the XT1 was making back button focusing problematic. I thought then and still do think, that with time the necessary muscle memory will develop, but I’m still working on that. As a long term DSLR user (Canon 5D MkIII and Nikon D800E – both now sold) I am very used to the larger form factor and adapting to the smaller Fujis has been a challenge.  Not insurmountable of course but it is probably the biggest challenge for me as I move to embrace the mirrorless revolution.

The third party grip arrived yesterday and as predicted has helped a little but not completely so it’s going to be a case of practice, practice and more practice on that score. As an aside, the £18 front grip from China is well made, fits well and doesn’t look out of place on the camera body.

However, I have found another possible solution buried in the camera manual. What? The camera manual? Who reads those? OK, not me if I’m honest, I stumbled across this whilst idly watching  a YouTube video. It turns out that it is possible to swap the functionality of the AE-L and AF-L buttons meaning that focus can be moved to the AE-L button. I’ve tried it and it works, and best of all it’s an easy change in the main menu.

I’ve kept it “up my sleeve” as the saying goes whilst I continue trying to train myself to use the AF-L button as this is the most intuitive for me but it’s good to know there’s another option available if needed.